What is there in what we call nothingness? What is there in the mind? The imagination? The memories? And in the physical space? My work is focused on void, meditation, and the investigation of vision as a physical and inner phenomenon. The subject represented is the transition between the mental image and its dissolution towards something else. An infinite vision of an idea’s transition, between seeing something and seeing quite nothing.


Gabriele Cappelli (b. 1972 Forli, Italy) discovered art at a young age. Frequent trips to Rome to visit his grandfather, an architect and designer, brought him into contact with painting, an experience that is still a central part of his practice as an artist. Cappelli moved to London in 1997 and it was here that he decided to pursue his work as an artist, inspired by the YBA movement. Cadogan has represented Gabriele Cappelli for over ten years. His work is collected widely and is held in private collections in the UK, Europe and the US.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2022: Cadogan Gallery, London (also exhibited in 2013, 2015, 2018, 2020, 2021)
2018: Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome
2007: Overtime Gallery, Bologne. Catalogue by Enzo Dall'Ara
2003: 'Contemporanea', Forli, Italy. Catalogue with text by Carlo Verdone


2021: 'Vitruvian', Cynthia-Reeves, USA
2018: Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Art Fair with Cynthia-Reeves, Palm Beach
2017: 'Midnight Sun', Arcade, London
Art Miami with Cynthia-Reeves, Miami
2012: 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Cadogan Gallery, London
2008: K Fine Art, New York
2005: 'La memoria dell'oro, L'oro della memoria' (Two Italian Painters), with Enrico Lombardi. Artbank Gallery, London. Supported by the Italian Cultural Institute
2001: 'Living Presence', The Gallery @ OXO Tower, London

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